Chuck & Charlie

Surprisingly effortless content

Chuck & Charlie is a creative content agency based in Southern California that specializes in visual storytelling including short-form video content, commercials, and marketing promos for all platforms.

We are content creators for a modern audience with a short attention span. We are producers, directors, and editors. We are photographers, animators, and motion graphic designers. We are musicians and sound designers. We have the experience of a large agency, with the creative tenacity of a teenager in his mom's basement.

Chuck & Charlie was founded by two experiences creatives who crossed paths on the other side of the world where they discovered they worked well together and were surprised to realize they share the same middle name.

What are the odds?

"The guys at Chuck & Charlie have been doing this a long time. They just get it. I know I’m going to get a first-rate product without any babysitting." Conrad Ketchie
Producer, Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Process

The creative work at Chuck & Charlie is spearheaded by its co-founder and creative director, Dave Keffer. We use a modular approach to building out our teams. Our roster is scaled to meet the demands of our projects, and with over 30 years in creative services, we bring a long list of talented compadres to the table. Since 2020, we've transitioned to a 100% cloud-based post-production process, so our team members speak several languages and are based all across the world.

Dave Keffer

Dave Keffer

Director, Photographer, Attacking Midfielder

While motoring up the coast of Catalina Island, Keffer challenged David Hasselhoff to an underwater breath-hold competition … and won.

"Chuck & Charlie is able to take a minimum of communication and guidance on a project and fill in the blanks better than me in terms of what’s needed." Dave Kellogg
CEO, Host Analytics, Inc.
  • It’s safe to say this is our bread and butter. Our core strength? It’s telling your story in a fun, unique way that will impact your audience quickly and effectively.
    Branded Content
  • From on-air promos to full-length primetime specials, having successfully helped launch and promote dozens of television series, Chuck & Charlie is fluent in the linear, DTH/C, and OTT television space.
    TV Marketing
  • Sales and marketing assets, explainer videos, internal product sizzles; Chuck & Charlie has provided direct support to hundreds of enterprise marketing teams, as well as white-label asset-creation support for full-service marketing agencies looking to supplement their internal teams.
    Marketing Video
  • Whether it's a simple animated display ad, assets for a custom set of synchronized LED panels at a Comic-Con activation, or a full content stratgey for a 24-hour virtual product launch event, Chuck & Charlie has a deep understanding of the experiential marketing world.
    Experiential Content
  • Not all of our stories are told at 24 frames-per-second. Some clients have relied on Chuck & Charlie exclusively for commercial and editorial photography production.
  • Some of our strongest creative work isn’t contained within a television or mobile screen, a 30-second commercial, or a photo series. Sometimes, the solution requires a true outside-the-lines approach.
"One of our events had to be rescheduled, so we needed to change the date on a dozen promos. I called Chuck & Charlie that Friday evening, and by the following morning they had the final revised assets in our hands!" Ryan Snyder
Communication Manager, Red Bull Media House
"I’ve been using the guys at Chuck & Charlie for many years on different types of projects, and they consistently deliver. They’ve become indispensable creative partners." Gregory J. Bonann
Television Producer, Baywatch, She Spies, SAF3.