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What We Do

Chuck & Charlie is a creative services agency in Los Angeles. We’ve been around the block -- and world -- teaming up with great clients to tell incredible stories.

Commercials and Short Format Production

Founded by two commercial directors, it’s safe to say this is our bread and butter. Our core strength? It’s telling your story in a fun, unique way that will impact your audience quickly and effectively.

Film & Television Development

At any given moment, we have several film and television projects in the hopper.  Having successfully helped launch and promote dozens of television series, Chuck & Charlie is fluent in the broadcast and cable television space.


Not all of our stories are told at 24 frames-per-second.  Some clients have relied on Chuck & Charlie exclusively for commercial and editorial photography production. 

The Secret SkunkWorks Lab

Some of our strongest creative work isn’t contained within a television or mobile screen, a 30-second commercial, or a photo series.  Sometimes, the solution requires a true outside-the-lines approach.


When we’re in the moment, all that matters to us is the work.

- Chuck & Charlie

The Work

Take a look at a few of our past projects, and feel free to let us know your thoughts!