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Sprite Remix Experiential Tour

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Mixing Station

The Chuck & Charlie creative team was tasked with designing and building a custom “Mixing Station” to drive impressions during a six-month long experiential activation for Coca-Cola USA’s newly launched Sprite brand, Sprite Remix. The activation was managed by CPC Intersect out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fully customized surface and content

Three fully customized console surfaces were designed using large arcade buttons and knobs that interfaced with specially programed computer software allowing users to remix popular songs. Each button would drop in additional loops or effects, change tempos and styles on the fly, even filter sound and images with infra-red sensors that tracked the user’s hand movements, all while keeping the music and effects in perfect, beat-locked synchronization!

Exceeded Coca-Cola’s goal

Seventeen units were built and loaded with original content produced by our team, and the units toured the United States stopping at 814 events and delivering over 2.5 million product samples, exceeding Coca-Cola’s sampling goal by 23 percent.

Even LeBron wanted one

Being so impressed with the experience, NBA star LeBron James purchased one of the units to install in his home after the tour was finished!

Coca-Cola USA

CPC Intersect

Work Description::
Experiential concepting, design and build. custom software programming, custom hardware development