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The Chuck & Charlie creative team was tasked with designing and building an experiential campaign to drive impressions during a five-month long activation for Coca-Cola USA’s Dasani water brand and its Dasani Drops flavor packs. The activation was managed by CPC Intersect out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Fully-Customized, high-Speed Photo Booth

A fully-customized aluminum stage was designed with integrated lights and a high-speed video camera that captured users interactions with water at 1000 frames per second. The video clips were combined with original music backgrounds and branded graphics to create a shareable clip that was posted to Facebook and YouTube.

Design and Creative

All aspects of the creative were handled by members of the Chuck & Charlie team, including recording of original music, development of several iPad apps to handle throughput, and creation of additional stills and video marketing elements. The system toured the United States stopping at several events and delivering over 4,867,678 impressions.

Coca-Cola USA

CPC Intersect, Minneapolis, MN

Work Description::
Experiential concepting, design and build. video content production, promotional stills productions, custom music production, custom software development, custom hardware development

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